Volmet is an international B2B auto parts wholesaler based in Prague, Czech Republic with a reputable 15+ years track record on the European aftermarket.

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About us

Volmet was founded in 2009 as an independent company by the top manager of the former leading Czech distribution group, Mr. Konstantin Mirzajev. During its formative years, Volmet was servicing the group as a tier one alternative supplier. After several years, Volmet expanded its presence over Central Europe and began servicing several important European distribution groups.


Currently, Volmet is active in most European countries and supplies a wide portfolio of the most popular aftermarket brands for cars and trucks from strategic a network of more than 40 sources within Europe.

Founded in

26 mil. €
yearly turnover

50+ Aftermarket

Our Clients

Volmet has long-term experience of wholesale cooperation with market leaders and large distribution groups in a number of different European countries, servicing them with individual tailor-made approaches. We also supply various buying groups with their members, large online shops and pure traders.


Why Companies
Choose Volmet

Volmet DNA is based on a stable and competitive team of passionate professionals. Our vast suppliers network, together with our independently developed business IT and warehousing systems, allows us to offer better prices, better availability or both for a notable share of every client product portfolio, helping them to boost a competitive advantage on the market.



We are continuously improving several supplier schemes that focus on solutions for different clients’ needs, specifically “best price service”, which is focused on minimizing clients’ purchasing costs and “express availability service”, which relates to maximizing clients’ service level. Our services are often tailor-made with individual packing requirements, incoterms conditions, customs services and credit terms.




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We are keen to develop long-term alliances with serious, high‑end reliable partners.

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Volmet s.r.o.
Pobocna 1395/1, 141 00 Prague, Czech Republic
VAT Reg. Nr. (DIČ): CZ28520114
Company ID Nr. (IČ): 285 20 114

Head Office

Pobocna 1395/1, 141 00 Prague,
Czech Republic

Head Office


Becovska 939, 104 00 Prague,
Czech Republic